We’re Nick and Catrina, your teachers and mentors at Love Tango. Between us, we’ve explored many facets of tango and cant wait to share this ever rich dance with you.

We teach tango as a system of techniques and ideas to be explored and developed. so you can express yourself in the music and converse with your partner through the dance.

We’ll give you the foundation for creating your own dance and can’t wait to witness your joy when you start to discover the possibilities and connection that we believe no other partner dance form can match.

Read more about each of our journeys below.


After dancing various dances for a number of years, Catrina discovered Argentine Tango in 2008. In 2009  a fleeting  6 week tango holiday in Buenos Aires turned into 12 months of intensive study in this mecca of tango. Every day became a journey of discovery – training by day, followed by social dancing by night.

“In Tango we are in a constant state of learning. I continue to deepen my knowledge here in Sydney, dancing and teaching equally as a leader and a follower.

This is incredibly informing and brings an intricate understanding of both roles to this amazing and ever exquisite form of expression” – Tango.


Nick has been a much-loved member of the Sydney Tango community since 2011. He is the face of Sydney’s popular Jewel Lab Practica at the Colombian Hotel where he DJ’s, hosts, teaches and guides an enthusiastic following.

During the summer months, Nick DJs at Sydney’s beautiful Darling Harbour by the waterside, for the community-run Synergy milonga. He also organises tango flash mobs, and runs occasional pop-up Tango parties.

“My passion in tango is musicality, fusing other music and dance genres with tango whilst maintaining a deep love for the rich “Golden Era” tango music. I am enthralled by tango’s tremendous expressive power through improvisation and connection with my dance partners.”