Classes - Intermediate/ advanced

All Tuesdays 7.30-8.30 pm

Followed by Jewel lab Practica: 8.30-11.00pm

Colombian Hotel (upstairs), 117/125 Oxford St, Darlinghurst

Course info

Course Information

Love tango teaches an ongoing curriculum designed to take its regular students through continual learning and development. Each month a specific theme is explored.

Casual attendance is welcome, however students will get the most out of attending all classes throughout the month, which are designed to develop and deepen the theme as the month progresses.

Stick around to embed your learning after class and meet new people at the Jewel Lab practica.

Stay posted on what themes are running each month, as well as other special workshops and events on Facebook at:


All Love Tango courses comprise monthly modules starting on the first Tuesday of each month, so will run over 4-5 weeks depending on the month.

Monthly (course) fees

$20 per class equivalent ($10 under our 2 for 1 offer – see conditions)

Course fees must be paid up front on or before the first Tuesday of the month.

Casual class fees

$25 per single class

Full time student discounts: 20%


Course entry

Free entry to Jewel Lab Practica (8.30-11 pm).


Our 2 for 1 offer applies if

you have not done previous courses with Love Tango.

your partner will be dancing the opposite role to you (ie if you will be learning as a follower, then they should be learning to dance as a leader).

Course rates

are not transferable to another party and payment is to be made on or before the first Tuesday of the month.