Time to Tango.....
Argentine tango classes
Start the Tango journey and never look back

Discover a new world when you enter the realm of tango.

We’ll introduce you to an irresistible dance, a world wide social network, and a journey of discovery about yourself.

What we can bring to your tango experience

Love Tango brings you  a flexible approach to learning tango and entré into some of Sydney’s most relaxed social tango destinations. We cater for students of all levels of tango in various locations and at flexible times to suit our students near Sydney CBD.

Find out about our regular Tango classes and courses in the iconic Colombian Hotel in Oxford Street, offering our students free entry after to the ever popular Jewel lab social tango “Practica”, new tango beginner classes starting in September in Glebe, book in your own private group for personalised sessions, or consider private lessons to really fast track your tango.

What's to love about tango?

There are many things to love about tango… the rich music, the storied history, its simultaneous complexity and simplicity, its worldwide social network, and the tremendous expressive power and intense connection to your partner.

Tango doesn’t depend on patterns,  so you can dance enjoyably and creatively with just some basic “steps”. But the real flavour of tango comes from the connection we develop through time and practice with those we dance, with ourselves, and with the music.

Once you start the journey, we know that you will just LOVE tango!